Vermont Mountain Elderberry LLC

About Us

My parents started Vermont Mountain Elderberry like many small companies in Vermont, with an idea to make a delicious and healthy product which they could share with friends and family.   With the elderberries they planted on their land, maple syrup, lemon, ginger, and cloves, they crafted their first batch of elderberry syrup.  Soon, with the encouragement of friends, they began selling it at local stores and farmer's markets.  

When I moved back to Vermont after a decade out of state, they were ready to pass me the torch.  And after living in high desert ski towns on the west coast, I was eager to get my hands back into Vermont's fertile soil.  My wife and I built a home near the berry field, and I set my sights on growing the company with a focus on quality and organic ingredients.  

This year I updated the label and moved to a new bottle.  We loved the look of our 8 oz. bottles, but chose to change to a 8 oz. brown bottle to better protect our syrup from harmful UV light.  I want the syrup to be a fresh as possible for you and your family.  

We are also releasing a new flavor for 2020!  Try our Triple Berry Syrup with elderberry, black currant and aronia. All berries high in Antioxidants.  Like our original elderberry syrup it is sweetened with pure Vermont Maple Syrup and has lemon, apple cider vinegar, and cinnamon for a balanced taste and added health benefit.  I think it tastes like berry pie.  

We love the taste of our syrups and most often take a shot of it straight. A shot in the morning is a great way to start the day.  If we start coming down with a cold, we increase our consumption to 3 or 4 shots per day. (A shot for us is 2 tbsp) But we also like to mix it with cider, seltzer, and tea.  It goes well in cocktails, on granola or with yogurt.  

We love to hear from our fans!  Let us know how you enjoy Vermont Mountain Elderberry

Aaron Freed-Thall 

Owner, Vermont Mountain Elderberry

Me and my wife Jeanette at her family's home in the mountains of Norway.

Me and my wife Jeanette at her family's home in the mountains of Norway.